Hi, I'm Jami

and I’m here to help you have the most fulfilling relationship possible.

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With the 'right' partner we go farther, faster, happier. Of course, it all starts with you...

It's time to take it up a notch

You’re not mediocre, so don’t settle for that in life. Stop sifting through dating sites hoping to get lucky, or drop hints around your partner expecting them to feed your lust. If you want it, dream it, envision it, you can have it. If your dating status or sex life isn’t where you want it to be, let’s change it.  

I can’t tell you I got a PhD in psychology or spent years talking life coaching courses. My path was slightly different. After getting married at 17 to leave a religious sect, I took my need for personal growth in my own hands and ended up in Las Vegas “a kid in a candy store” likened my roommate schoolteacher-turned-Dominatrix. People go to Las Vegas to lose themselves or find themselves. I lived a conventional life and unconventional, tried different styles of relationships, partners, and experiences. Then I went through years of self-reflection, sex work, dominatrix work, spiritual work, shadow therapy, inner child awareness, therapy, coaching, meditation, and I even squeezed in a Masters, all on the search for fulfillment. I both lost myself and found myself, and many of you can relate. 

Matt Kahn, one of my favorite teachers, said when life shatters and you stop trying to pick up the pieces is when it all finally comes together. Although each of us will travel a different road, all paths lead back to the same place – YOU. Many are still looking for our forever partner to navigate through life with because that is when we feel life reveals itself the most. If you’re nodding your head I want you to  know you’re deserving and capable, and the universe is on your side. If you want it, it will happen, and I am sharing my knowledge, support and process with you because I know it works.  

The deeper I dug I realized I had the answers all along. 

For two decades I saw every kind of relationship possible - from men, women, wives of clients, mistresses, boyfriends, happy divorcees and sad, partners switching roles & couples trying new things - I know how relationships work. It’s a struggle to find the perfect partner because they don’t exist. Yet, with the right tools, insight and support you can build a relationship that is ideal for you. 

A quintessential relationship is transformative and if you’ve ever been in one, you know the entire world becomes your oyster. However, a bad one can be exhausting. It isn’t easy or intuitive to understand your role, what your partner wants, or even what you need and want. 

WE ALL Deserve Great Relationships,

Deserve Great Relationships,



Once you master what you want, believe you are capable of getting it, then you are capable of achieving it. That is what I am here for, I’ll help you pinpoint exactly what it is, what you believe your limits are, and as a team we’ll work on manifesting your best.  

It’s not circumstances that hold us back, our beliefs do. I don’t use standard coaching, consulting or counseling techniques. I use a hybrid along with years of insight into every type of personal situation. I’ve heard it all, what people look for and don’t, I’ve seen what works and fails, and I’m here to share it all with you. Besides, who has time to sit around waiting for their soulmate to bump into them; get out there and create your best self, because that’s where they’ll be waiting. 

If you don’t like your story, it’s time to rewrite it.

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