Live Embody Reveal Manifest Your Most

Live Embody Reveal Manifest
Your Most

Empowered Awakened Alive Fulfilling  Relationship

Empowered Awakened Alive Fulfilling 

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This is your life. YOU have the ability to make your relationship legendary, a relationship so fulfilling you may have only dreamed about - sometimes we all need a little help to go from mundane to extraordinary and I am here to help you understand relationships better.



Thank you for helping me see my worth and giving me huge perspective. You’ve helped expand my mind in so many ways and helped set me on a path of amazement. I appreciate your gift, your wisdom, your intelligence, your kindness.
I wonder if you understand what a powerhouse you are in influencing people and their trajectories of striving for intentional living? It’s a rare gift!
You’ve been through what many people might face in a lifetime and have gained significant wisdom from it. You can help a lot of people.
You always have a way of seeing things I don’t see and it helps me understand.



My 10-week one-on-one programs will be your action plan for becoming the best you possible, so you can remove blockages to intimacy, polish up your dating style or liven up your bedroom style.

Whether you’re looking for a new relationship, trying to understand a current one, or revamping a marriage, I’ll help clear up the process so it’s less intimidating, confusing, and murky.

Looking for your most empowered self?



I’m Not Your Traditional Dating Coach.

I use insight based on years of being a confidante to men, women, and couples as they sorted through relationships - guys who were single and looking, couples who strayed and others trying to spice up their love life.

For two decades I worked as a madam, escort, and dominatrix in Las Vegas and I listened to the intimate confessions of hundreds of men and women in every kind of relationship. I’ve mentored and coached people from all walks of life, heard their concerns, and I understand human behavior. I gained deep insight about relationships, and I am here to help you understand yours and share the lessons I learned.

Take Your Relationship To
the Next Level 

Take Your Relationship To the Next Level 


Couples newly committed


RECENT Blog Posts

RECENT Blog Posts

If you don’t like your story, it’s time to rewrite it.

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