Dating Profile Tips – Gain an edge using science

If you want to stand out in your dating profile  you need to spend some time on your dating profile, 30 minutes should be sufficient. If you follow the dating profile tips below, science and research will give you a head start.

It’s important to spend time on your dating profile

According to Statistica, 44 million Americans are using online dating services, increasing to 53 million by 2024, and online dating is the most popular way couples connect, Stanford sociologist finds. The pros to that is there is a big assortment of dating sites to choose from: the classic Match Group is the biggest player in the online dating scene, EHarmony boasts the most legit hookups because their process and algorithm asks questions to match you with similar profiles. Sites such as MeetMindful, if you’re attentive to living a more mindful or spiritual life. Hinge claims a sophisticated algorithm backed by research and behavioral analysis to hook you up. Here’s a list of Christian Dating Sites if that’s your thing. And Plenty of Fish, Bumble, or Tinder if you’re looking to cut to the chase and reduce chatter.

A big con to more people being online is online dating fatigue, which, according to Caitlin Cantor in Psychology Today, discourages all but the most persistent and diligent in using online dating. There are so many profiles you need to stand out and your profile needs to be rock solid.

That’s why it’s so important to not only spend time building your profile, but when you reference science-backed data creating your dating profile, you’ll have an edge.


The dating profile tips below will help take your Dating Profile to the Next Level


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Photo tips for your dating profile 

Your profile photo is the most important part of your profile, and if you don’t put photos, don’t even bother because 80% of women say they wouldn’t consider going on a date without one.

In your photos, aim for an assortment of at least 4-5, even more is better. You’ll want to aim for at least one of each:

1- Headshot, make sure you have a full face shot.

2- Smile, make sure you’re sporting a real smile where your eyes crinkle.

3- Group shot, this makes you appear extroverted and outgoing, which women find attractive. If you’re in the middle of the shot, even better, and if you have one where females are around you and a body part such as a shoulder or an arm is touching, that is best.

Bonus points if the females are looking at you and laughing. This is called the value principle, women are more attracted to men other women deem important.

TIP – if you don’t have any photos like this, then join a meetup group or a tour group and get some pics like this.

4- Action shot; the number 3 trait women look for in dating profiles is health and fitness. Show them. Include a shot of you doing a sport or an activity. If you fish, hike, bike, have a green thumb, include it.

5- Travel:women appreciate and notice a well-traveled mate, so if you have any photos of you on the road, water, plane, train, automobile… post it.

group photo dating profile tips


Profile interests

The top interests women notice in order are 1) theater; 2) cooking; 3) health-related activities, fitness; 4) travel. For a quick exercise that will provide your custom dating profile list, visit my interactive dating profile tool here. So use these tips in your online dating profile.


Biography tips for your dating profile 

Your bio should follow the 7:3 rule, 70% about you, 30% about what you’re looking for, according to the Queen Mary Study. Try to keep it right at that, anything less or more creates instant unexplainable unease, so you may as well use all you can to your advantage and apply this dating profile tip.

Words, women notice appreciative and empathetic language, according to studies. Use action words and descriptive adjectives, such as kindness, great, tough, difficult, because it shows kindness and understanding… the number one trait women deem important in a mate.


If you have a unique interest (and we all do if we think long enough)

Maybe you’ve collected baseball cards since you were five, or you’re learning how to bend spoons with your mind, fly a plane, you can spell words backwards, your best friend is your cat, you can cook a mad chicken enchilada, you make the world’s best coffee, your ultimate bucket list travel destination is a tiny town in Alabama, all this makes you different. It makes you stand out. Use this to your advantage. You never know when the next person reading your profile will say, OMG I’ve always wondered about that.


Make your dating profile venture a habit

Be diligent about your dating profiles It’s like going to the gym, when you put in consistent  time is when you’ll see results. You have to break the habit of putting off checking in on the dating sites. Designate 10-15 minutes every day finding potential dates, contacting potential dates, and make sure you contact multiple simultaneously. Don’t get your heart set on one.

You have to make your dating venture a habit. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and 90 days to make it a lifestyle. Get past the 3-month mark when most people quit.

Look for people who you share similarities with. While this may seem like common sense, all too often we rely on photos and images to guide us. Sure, visual chemistry is important, but if you have little in common, you’re less likely to go anywhere. And, while we may be drawn to someone that lists exciting activities on their profile we may envision ourselves doing with them, ‘opposites attract’ rarely works. Research in Psychology Today shows we are drawn to those we share similarities with and we grow more similar as time progresses.

For more dating profile tips and science-backed dating advice, visit my article here. 




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