The male g-spot: A step-by-step guide

If you caught my girl talk with Maya Jordan on Playboy radio, we talked about how the G-Spot intensifies orgasms for all genders. The male G-Spot is often overlooked for various reasons, but once you know where and how to stimulate it, you have another tool to take to bed with you. It’s more commonly known as the male prostrate, is the size of a walnut, is located about 2 inches deep and can be stimulated simultaneously from the outside and in.

From the outside, you can find it by locating the perineum (that spot between the balls and the anus), and stroking or lighting pressing with your thumb. If you press it shortly before and holding through an orgasm, it kicks up the intensity.

If you want go a little further, use a finger or a toy such as a vibrating wand or a prostrate massager.

variety of sex toys

A few key pointers to remember:

  • Use lubrication.
  • Keep your nails trimmed.
  • Go slow.
  • Make sure he’s warmed up, pay extra attention to the balls, the head, the shaft.
  • Apply soft pressure on the anus, with a slow entry. If he seems open to it, slide in a little, then further
  • Remember, the g-spot will be up a little ways and feel like a rough walnut shaped patch
  • Try stroking it, making circular movements, or pressing and holding
  • Listen and watch for cues that you’ve reached the spot, and continue doing whatever you’re doing.
  • Kick it up a few notches, stroke his balls, lick his shaft, lightly chew on the coronal ridge of his head, do all the other stuff, while your keep stroking the g-spot
  • And get ready for one explosive orgasm





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