QUIZ – Do you want a Coach or a Therapist?

This article is designed to help you decide if you would benefit from the support of a coach or a therapist. For a more thorough discussion about coaches and therapists, visit this article. 


What are you looking for at this time?

◎ Healing from past hurt and betrayal in relationships
◎ Someone to help me interpret and get past behavioral patterns like mental health issues, addition, anger
◎ Help in understanding why I cannot find a partner
◉ Clarity on my what I’m looking for in a relationship
◉ A suitable partner
◉ Ways to increase confidence in my dating and sex life
◉ Tips on polishing up my dating skills


How do you feel about your life right now?

◎ Things are not great. I am not getting the support I need to feel happy
◎ Life is okay but I would like some guidance on different areas in my life, my career is stagnant, I’ve not been on a date in years, my stress is sometimes overwhelming, and I don’t know how to solve it
◎ My partner and I can’t see eye to eye on our sexuality and we need someone to bridge the gap
◉ I am doing well, I’m happy and solid and stable and I know I can offer a partner as much as they offer me, I just need to get out more
◉ My partner and I have explored some and we excited to learn new things together and build on our intimacy

Your ideal coach, therapist, consultant has ….

◎ Specific training or experiences in mental health
◉ Has very different life and or professional experiences to me
◉ Very similar life experiences to me


Are you interested in setting goals for your personal development?

◎ I can’t even think about goals right now life is taking so much energy just to power through my day
◎ Setting goals doesn’t sound that appealing, I’d like to sort through everything going on in my life first
◉ Some help figuring out my goals would be great.
◉ A clear path with bullet points and someone to help me get through them is just what I’m looking for.


Are you currently seeking care or under support for any specific metal health condition like depression, anxiety, or substance use?

◎ I’m not sure
◎ Yes
◉ No


Do you need to use insurance to access care?

◎ Yes
◉ No, I can afford to pay for coaching or therapy out of pocket


Are you leaning towards therapy or coaching?

◎ I’m not sure – that’s why I’m here
◎ Therapy
◉ Coaching

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Quiz Results – Would you benefit more from a coach or a therapist 


◎ If any of your answers are in the first category then you would likely benefit from the support of a therapist at this time in your life. A therapist will be able to provide the guidance and clarity you seek. Setting and achieving goals are best approached when your life feels stable and solid and when you don’t need to invest a lot of time or attention on multiple big areas in life simultaneously.

◉ If you feel good about answers in the second category, then you likely would benefit from the addition of a coach in your life. A coach can have a very similar background or a completely different one, both can be equally inspiring and a coach is usually intuitive to what approach works best for your lifestyle at the time.


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