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Jami Rodman is a relationship coach and consultant with proven strategies in helping to close the gap between desire and reality for partnered living. Effectively applying practical and modern techniques with emphasis on self-development, Jami helps individuals, and couples navigate the complexities of partnerships. Following decades of cultural immersion, she weaves candid lessons of her life as an escort and madam into workshops for progressive coupling. 

Her reputation as a leading speaker and writer in partnership awareness and transition builds from graduate work in cultural anthropology and sociology and offers a unique perspective on social movements. She is philanthropically involved with anti-trafficking nonprofits, and she consults with organizations, parents, and young adults on situational awareness, what the sex work profession is actually like, how social media plays a role, minimizing risks, and how to respond if it does happen. Connect at

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Jami Rodman is a relationship coach, writer and speaker who supports individuals and couples in partnership awareness and transitions. Her emphasis is on self-development with both practical and modern approaches to understanding human behavior and sexual relations. Applying graduate research to sex work and being a madam, Jami effectively leads people and groups through relationship stages by candidly weaving her stories into applicable lessons. Connect at

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Jami Rodman is a relationship coach, writer and speaker who supports individuals and couples in partnership awareness. Applying practical and modern techniques with candid sex work insight, Jami offers a fresh perspective while effectively leading people through complex relationship transitions. Connect at

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JAMI’S  Interviews



Jami began teaching and speaking in her early 20s, formulating and delivering lessons to various demographics. She knows how to engage a crowd, read the audience, and strategize lectures that are adaptive, interesting and retainable. Her approach is casual; relatable, entertaining and effective across multiple demographics.

Bolstering your relationship all the time is the key to growing together. Preventative maintenance is like scheduling routine oil changes for your car instead of waiting until the oil light comes on. The same applies to partnerships. 

This workshop guides the audience through creating a blueprint to solidify relationship behaviors while staying relevant and fresh. Topics of communication, potential areas of discord, sexual habits, love styles, needs and wants are covered. Fully customized based on demographic and structured for newly-committed, ongoing relationships, or both.

The world of KINK, fetishes, and alternative lifestyles is vast, and can  enliven and rejuvenate an idle partnership. It can also be intimidating and risky. Where does one start; how do couples ensure they don't damage their relationship in the process; what can couples gain from the experience? 

This workshop is informative, educational and engaging and has the option of being interactive. We will cover different ways to explore the sexual field of KINK in a partnership, what to keep in mind, answering the how, what and what; rules, trust, and remaining true to your partner during the evolution. 

Jami is intuitive and sensitive to the interest and comfort-level of the audience. The experience can conclude with a short workshop where couples create an action plan for starting their journey into KINK, or it can simply be informational.  

The debates about sex work continue - legalizing, non-criminalizing, should sex work be taxable, how do we and insight from those directly involved in the industry is valuable. 

Sex work is work. Many sex workers would choose to participate in societal functions- they would pay taxes, contribute and have rights just like other professions. But most are penalized for their choice of employment. 

There are social costs to legalizing sex work – it drives the activity underground where crime is less regulated, their children are stigmatized, they don’t have access to police protection, or health care. Segmenting this demographic also places a burden on the social system for a number of reasons. Legalizing this profession increases sex trafficking. There are multiple facets to consider. 

Jami has a master’s degree in humanities, works the social service sector, conducts field research, and is involved with at-risk women. She understands the complexities in resolving social conditions, human needs, and the legalities. Her street cred lends humble and valuable insight to the ever-evolving situation.

‘It won’t happen to me’ is an unprepared response for those affected by the sex industry. Whether by choice or manipulation, once someone goes down this path it becomes incredibly difficult to change course. Young people are vulnerable regardless of their social background. Junior high and high schoolers are targeted by pimps with strategic motivation who look and act like the caring boy next door. Social media is used as a major recruiting tactic and so are classmates. Online ads that proport support in becoming an internet sensation are also huge risks. It’s important to talk to about the signs, what sex work is actually like, how social media plays a role, minimizing risks, the stages that occur, how to respond if they do, and why situational awareness and safety is the best recourse. 

This can be geared toward adults or children, and while there is an outline of topics covered, it remains fluid and loosely delivered in a manner that is accessible to a wide array of people. 

Please don’t think it can’t happen to you or your family, it can, and it does. The best recourse is to be prepared. See my resources here.


JAMI’S  Book

The Las Vegas Madam: The Escorts, the Clients, the Truth

Jami’s memoir, The Las Vegas Madam: The Escorts, the Clients, the Truth, is the story of a young woman who took a fork in the road and moved to Las Vegas from a small town Christian home. With a background in cultural anthropology and sociology and deep in the flamboyancy of Sin City, Jami candidly narrates her adventures, first as an elite escort and then as a high-powered Las Vegas Madam. Immersed in the underground world of sex, with prostitutes, porn stars, pimps, madams, and men from around the world, Jami offers a unique perspective on relationships and social movements.



Thank you for helping me see my worth and giving me huge perspective. You’ve helped expand my mind in so many ways and helped set me on a path of amazement. I appreciate your gift, your wisdom, your intelligence, your kindness.
I wonder if you understand what a powerhouse you are in influencing people and their trajectories of striving for intentional living? It’s a rare gift!
You’ve been through what many people might face in a lifetime and have gained significant wisdom from it. You can help a lot of people.
You always have a way of seeing things I don’t see and it helps me understand.

If you don’t like your story, it’s time to rewrite it.

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