Online Dating Dictionary & Acronyms

For all those times when you’re online, using dating apps, dating websites, and you run across jargons or acronyms that you don’t understand – this is a fully comprehensive modern and traditional online dating dictionary 


Aromantic – no strong urge of feeling romantic

Asexual – no strong desire to experience sexual attraction or activites

ASL – Age, sex, location used in chatrooms



Bad Pancake – term for rebound, if the first person you hook up with after a breakup doesn’t go well

Bae – short form of babe or baby, your significant other

Basic – someone who is unoriginal

Benching – stringing someone along, keeping them in the sidelines because of commitment avoidance (which is not a bad thing, if someone knows better than to commit, they’re being honest with themselves and everyone else)

Big Dick Energy (BDE) – an alpha male presence but quiet about it

Bisexual – attracted to two genders

Blizzard Buddy – hooking up during a patch of bad weather

Blue Stalling – when two people are acting as if they’re dating but one isn’t ready for a commitment

Bobbing – when someone contacts you then disappears, then contacts you again, then disappears…

Booty Call – reaching out strictly for a hookup usually late in the night

Bot – a robot, a fake dating profile

Boyfriend Island – when a female gets into  a relationship and disappears from the social scene to hang out with him

Breadcrumbing – sending text messages stringing someone along, either flirty but not committal, or after a breakup still reaching out


Caspering – the more responsible version of ghosting, letting someone know you’ll be ghosting

Catch and Release – in it for the chase, once someone is caught they move on

Catfishing – lying about who you really are in a profile, a fake identity, fake photos or biography usually created by a real person to mislead others into communicating via chat, messaging etc.

CIS gender – someone who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth/born with

Cloaking – someone disappears then blocks you from all apps

Cloutlighting – someone baits the person they’re dating into getting angry on camera then showing it social media for attention

Cookie Jarring – the relationship is over but not completely severed, the cookie jarred person hopefully waits while the other is out looking for new partners and keeping them as a backup option

Cougar – an older woman pursing younger men

Covidship – hookups that started during the pandemic

Cryptomancer – those in the dating scene only because they want to educate others on the subject of cryptocurrency hoping you will invest

Cubbing – younger guys into older women

Cuffed – a serious and committed relationship

Cuffing – generally a cold season when normally single people find a partner to snuggle in with

Curved – being rejected

Cushioning – flirting with others before a current relationship is terminated

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Daterview   – when a date feels more like a job interview than a date

Dateship – dating someone but knowing you don’t plan to be with them forever and so emotional attachment isn’t intense

Dealbreakers – set of standards that someone will apply to a dating situation that deems the other person incompatible

Deeplike – going deep into someone’s social media to learn more about them

Demisexual – someone who is more attracted to personality than appearance

DFH – date from home, virtual dating

DFMO – dance floor make out

Dial-toning – ignoring someone, a phone number was given but never answered

Dick pic – picture of a dick, if you send them unsolicited then you’re guaranteed to lose points

DM slide – see sliding into DM

Dogfishing – is that your real dog in your dating profile pic or did you borrow it just for the pic

Drafting – happens before cushioning, scoping the field for potential cushions before breaking up

DTF – down to fuck

DTR – define the relationship


Eclipsing – pretending to like the activities, interests and hobbies of a potential date

E-fit – when a social media account is put together so well it serves as an online dating profile

Emergency call – a fake call made to get out of a date one has no interest in continuing

Eskimo brothers – two guys who have been with the same woman and are on good terms

Eskimo sisters / pogo sisters – two women have been with the same guy and are on good terms


FBO – facebook official, when a couple states they’re dating by posting it on facebook

Firedooring – when someone contacts you but doesn’t respond to your chat

Fishing – sending out a lot of messages to many profiles but only replying to one

Flashplanner – liking the initial start to a relationship but not taking it further into commitment

FODA – fear of dating again

Freckling – coming into your life during nice weather but disappearing when it gets cold

Freeclimibing – scrolling through every online fact about someone you’re interested in

Friendzoned – stuck or demoted to friend only without any relationship

Fuckboy/ fuckboi – uninteresting and immature guy

Fuckbuddy – someone you only have sex with, and no emotional attachment

FWB – friends with benefits, having sexual relations with someone but without the relationship


Gaslighting – manipulating someone into where they question themselves and their sanity

Gatsbying – creating an ideal social media profile, pictures, etc in attempts to impress a certain someone

Gay – attracted to the same gender

Genderfluid – someone who doesn’t feel attached to, specifying as, or identifying with, a specific gender, it can change daily

Ghostbusting – the person who has been ghosted continues to reach out

Ghosting – abruptly ceasing all contact instead of telling someone directly

Glamboozled – getting dressed and ready for a date to have them cancel or fall through


Half-night stand – a one night stand without staying over

Haunting – when an ex tries to reach out through social media

Hatfishing – when someone hides their real hair, or lack of, by wearing a hat in their profile pics


Incel – involuntary celibate, a guy who can’t get laid

Instaficial – letting everyone know a couple is officially together via an Instagram post

Internet Stalking – looking for as much information one can find online about a potential or current partner

IRL– in real life, as in meeting in real life, or what do you do in real life, or what is your name in real life


Jelly – jealous


Kanye’d – your date talks about themselves the entire time

Kittenfishing – borderline dishonest portrayal in an online dating profile, old pics, heavily edited pics, etc

Kray Bae – someone who seemed cool in the beginning then went sideways, 180 degree flip, into crazy land


Layby – dating someone just biding time for better options to come along

LGBTQ – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer

Left on Read – when someone reads your messages but doesn’t reply

Lining – sharing the lyft or uber ride

Locdating – dating locally

Love Bombing – going too fast too far in a new relationship, showing affection early, spending a lot of resources in the wooing phase then sometimes withdrawing once they have you


Magic Hour – the half hour before last call when people start madly seeking a partner for the night

Meetcute – cute story of how a couple met the first time

Megadating – dating multiple people simultaneously

Micro-cheating – when in a relationship but still messaging an ex frequently, flirting, going behind the back and hiding it from current partner

Monkeying – swinging from relationship to relationship without down time

Mosting – similar to love bombing but in a shorter time period, giving many sincere appearing compliments then ghosting


Negging – the dual approach of lowering someone’s confidence by offending them, then praising them in an attempt to control the situation.
“I’m usually only into women younger than me but I’ll make an exception with you”

Netflix and chill – generally understood that you’ll be having sex with a movie in the background

Non-binary – a person who chooses not to identify as any specific gender, they could identify as all genders, or no genders

Non-date date – getting together, flirting, playful contact, but it’s not really considered a date

NSA – no strings attached


Obligaswiping – swiping and chatting on dating sites without the intention of actually putting in the work, so you can tell yourself you’re trying

On a thing – a romantic relationship that isn’t official but not casual either

ONS – one night stand

Open relationship – a couple that is together but agrees to see other people on the side

Orbiting – an ex that shows up on social media but doesn’t reach out


PDA – public displays of affection

Paperclipping – an ex that pops back into your life sporadically in attempts to remind you they’re still there so you won’t move on

Peacocking – Putting on a show, showing off, wealth, house, car, degree, skills, etc in attempts to impress a potential mate

Phishing – when a person builds trust online then requests personal information like a real name, bank account, etc with the intention of stealing

Phubbing – hanging out with someone who is spending too much time on their phone

Pied Off – being dumped

Pie hunting – when someone dates ‘pies’ who are considered heartbroken and vulnerable with the presumption they are lower maintenance

Pingers – pinging someone through messages, flirting, reaching out, but not following through. Generally used to boost their own ego

Polyamorous – consensually dating within a specified group

Printing – accidentally leaving a digital fingerprint, a like, a post, a heart, a notification, on someone’s social media account


Q – slang for cool

Queer – umbrella term for gay men who are exploring their sexuality


R-bombed – same as left on read, reading someone’s message but not replying

Recycling – going back to an ex

Redpill – when you believe women are ruining society

Red herring – diverting attention, false leads, sending fake crumbs of information so someone doesn’t find out the real information (such as a name or history)

Roaching – hiding from someone they’ve been seeing, then pretending there was no agreement or discussion of monogamy so it didn’t matter


Sapiosexual – turned on by someone’s mind rather than physical appearance

Scrooging – dumping someone before a holiday so there’s no need to buy a gift

Seasoned Dater – someone in the dating scene for longer than planned

Sex Interview – having sex with someone before going on a date to week out incompatibility

Several-night stand – when a one night stand turns into many

Sexting – sex texting messages to someone

Sexting the waters – testing the waters before coming right out and sexting through use of vague questions like what are you wearing

Shadowing – posting pics of you with a hot friend hoping others will think you’re the hot one

Shaveducking – attracted to a guy but maybe just for his facial hair

Sidebarring – having a text messaging conversation in secret while talking to someone else

Situationship – if your romantic relationship hasn’t been officially defined by the two of you

Sliding into DMs – direct messages in social media, after commenting, liking posts or pictures, this term means let’s chat in direct messages

Slow-fade – ending a relationship by gradually reducing chat and response times

Snack – someone so attractive you want to gobble them right up

Sneating – when you’re chatting with someone but not really feeling it but agree to a date anyway because you want the free dinner

SO – significant other, the person you’re dating

Sober first kiss – first kiss occurs when two people are sober

Stashing – when someone you’ve been dating or seeing a while doesn’t post you on social media because they know the relationship is only temporary

Stan someone / stanning – stalk someone

Stealthing – when someone removes a condom mid act wihtout consent and doesn’t tell the other person

Straight – attracted to and date only the opposite sex

Submarine – when someone ghosts, then reappears as if nothing happened

Summer Fling – only together during the summer

Sunday night fever – the busiest night for dating apps, this is when a bunch of message might come in

Sunday test – if you’d enjoy spending a Sunday with them doing nothing they pass your Sunday test

Swipe left – used in many dating apps when scrolling through profiles, swiping left indicates NO interest

Swipe right – used in many dating apps when scrolling through profiles, swiping right indicates interest

Swiping – in online dating apps, determining if you are interested in someone

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Taking it offline – when two people decide to chat via text, FaceTime, or over the phone instead of through the dating site platform

Tater tot –  a younger FWB that isn’t good for you but you still want

Text black hole – a never ending text conversation with someone you’ve not met

Textlationship – when the relationship is only comprised of texting

Thirsty – very eager for some sexual action

Thirst Trap – someone who sticks around just for the free drinks but doesn’t have intent to become involved.
2nd meaning – when someone posts a pic of their best physical feature hoping to entice someone (such as cleavage)

THOT – that hoe over there

Throning – gold digging that included social status, social circle

Tied down – a serious relationship

Tindstagramming – contacting someone directly in IG after seeing them on Tinder but not matching up on tinder

Transgender – person who identifies as a gender opposite than the one they were assigned at birth

Tuning – getting to know someone phase before committing

Turbo relationship – started off during the pandemic and going fast

Turkey dump – broken up after thanksgiving

Type-casting – only dating someone who fits your Myers-Brigg personality test or shares the same love language


Uber radius – basing dating potential based on the distance someone lives

Uncuffing – when winter is over and one uncuffs from their current relationship


V card – virgin

Volcel – voluntary celibate

Vulturing – when someone senses a relationship is on its way out, a vulture will selfishly swoop in


Werk – putting a lot of effort into securing a partner

White clawing – staying with someone just because of their appearance

Wokefishing – pretending to be politically inclined or interested in progressive politics to attract a partner


X-factor – when there is something really hot about a partner but you don’t exactly know what

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Yellow Carding –  someone is called out on their bad dating behaviors

YODO – you only dump once, don’t go back to your ex

YOLO – you only live once, be carefree and spontaneous

You-turning – fall hard for someone but then change mind


Zombeing – worse than ghosting, someone disappears for a loooong time then reappears

Zumped – being dumped over zoom


Sext Emoji Dictionary

💦  Orgasm

🍑  Booty

🍆  Penis

✌️  Vagina

👌🏾 Anal sex

👉  Fingering

🌮  Vagina

🌭  Penis

🍯  Sweet vagina

👉👌🏾  Let’s have sex

🍩🍌 Let’s have anal sex

👅🌮💦 I’m going to go down on you

👄🍆🎆 I’m going to go down on you

👋🍑😈 I’m going to spank you

🎟💃👀 I’d like you to strip for me

👅🍑🤯 I’m going to rim you and it will blow your mind

🐍🌷 I want to slither inside you

❤️🦴 I love your penis




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