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If you’re one of the 50 million Americans using and online dating sites like OkCupid, Hinge, PlentyOfFish, Bumble, (≈ 2,500 and counting in the US), it may seem like online dating is the way to go; it’s straight-forward; relatively quick to start; and being part of a vast dating pool you are primed to find compatibility.

However, your profile is one among many  (21.5 million on Match alone). With the increasing number of online dating platforms, you’ll likely find some align more with your dating goals. Still, trying to find ‘the one’ is like finding a pearl, among sharks, crabs, frogs and catfish, fake pics, old pics, scammers and poorly-matched dates. If you’re committed to sticking it out, you may find sites like eHarmony which claim “the most compatible matching process” – an algorithm of 80 questions, are more suited to long-term compatibility. 

If you want to try something more targeted than the standard post-a-profile-and-start-wading-the-dating-pool, consider more niche date matching.

This is my FAVORITE ‘non-dating site’ and an effective way to meet others without actually dating. Plus, it’s a simple and free process: create a profile, find your hobbies and interests, join others enjoying the same  activities  

• meet others who share similiar interests without the stress of actual dates
• you’ll make friends and enhance your social life
• it’s not a ‘dating site’, and requires more involvement and time investment on your end finding groups
• if do meet someone you like, you’ll need to be proactive in asking them out and risk rejection if they’re not interested





A private matchmaker, company, individual, or services, that strives to enhance your dating experience, alleviate burnout, and provide more useable matchmaking options.

• often an exclusive selection of potential dates and profiles that you may not find on other dating sites
• your potential dates have invested resources, time and money, just like you, so the success rate is assumed to be higher
• Pricey
• Not guaranteed
Ranges from $2,500 to $50,000+




Similar to a concierge, the process involves pre-screening other dating profiles and matching you with the ones that appear most compatible and real. They’ll refine your profile, ask specific questions, and do the legwork.

• reduces dating fatigue by sorting through the overwhelming number of profiles to find your matches
• a curated selection of potential dates from the general dating pools who may be more compatible than you finding them on your own
• a subscription-based service
• if you’re not in a metropolitan area, you’ll likely not reap the full benefits of your investment
Ranges from $600 up to $2,500+




A date coach
is similar to and uses all the above, helping you find and match potential dates and supporting you through the process. They, too, will ask questions about your lifestyle and dating goals, revise your profile, and help put you in front of the right platforms for your specific interests.

• does the homework on dating sites, knows how to polish your profile to feature your best side and stand out, gives advice and support through your journey
• fully adaptable and customized, builds your lifestyle to support long-term dating
• long-term success requires collaboration between you and your coach
From $150 up to $2500+



The adage ‘you get what you put in’ especially applies to dating 

Even with the support and services of professionals, nothing is a guarantee. 
You may find it helpful to read #Dategoals – How to plan a date to be more successful, bonding and memorable.

If you choose to maintain your own online dating profile, learn the Dating app algorithms … make the lineup to get your profile front and center, recommended as a potential match to others on the same site. 




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