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Understanding Women in Relationships – $250

Online Course – Save 50% in February using code “VDAY”
  • Increase your confidence around women
  • Interpret signals she may be sending
  • Practical ways to become irreplaceable in her life
  • Impress her family and friends
  • Give her space without losing her interest

The Inner Circle – $55/month

Monthly Subscription 

A VIP Cliff Notes to Dating.

  • Daily Posts
  • Weekly Advice
  • Bi-monthly Tips
Red Couch

The Red Couch – $150

Private Consultation

Looking for personalized advice for your specific situation?
Have questions about relationship challenges, dating life, marriage life, sex life, and you need to talk them out?
Need actionable plans to ‘make it happen’?

If you are dating, wanting to date, or in a relationship THE RED COUCH membership gives you one hour of my time each month.

The Refined AlphaMale Mindset – $1500

Level 1: Becoming an Expert
A 3 Step, 6-week, 1:1, Dating Program for Men.
  • Develop Masculine Energy & Confidence
  • Refine Your Self
  • Create Social Networks & Dating Profiles

The Refined AlphaMale Mindset – $2200

Kink, BDSM, Fetishes & More 
An 8-week. 1:1 Coaching Program to Unleash the Sex God Within
  • Take your sexual exploits up a few notches
  • Introduce new activities in the bedroom (ropes, impact, latex, BDSM)
  • Have you explored KINK alone or with others, and you want to go further?
  • What to expect at sex parties/clubs
  • This is a full comprehensive journey into KINK, it is not G-rated, it’s not R-Rated, it is X-rated.

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