Increase your chances she’ll open your email

If you’ve ventured into the online dating world, your introduction email is insanely important. Many emails get glossed over, passed, skipped. Some reasons have nothing to do with you, your profile or your email, life gets busy.

A few simple steps will MAKE YOUR EMAIL stand out 


Online Dating Get her to open your email


1- Don’t message LATE AT NIGHT
Late night emails scream booty call and if you’re looking for a serious date, keep it G-rated. We do look at the time stamp.

2- Spell Check
Your grammar doesn’t have to be spot on but punctuation and spelling does make a difference.

3- Use Exclamations
My vote is that it’s fine to use (!) in both the subject line and the body of the email. It shows you’re upbeat and fun to be around.

4- First Names
Use it. There is power in using someones name, it’s the most important sound and sweetest sound someone can hear, according to Dale Carnegie.



A few TIPS to keep in mind


1- Don’t message more than 2x without hearing back.
We might have missed the first one but we didn’t miss the second. If you get impatient and send a third or more, it’s likely you’ve lost your chance.

2- Begging or trying to elicit pity turns women off
I know you probably don’t do anything like this… but don’t try to convince her you’re a catch, don’t ask her to give you a chance, don’t overexplain “all the bad stuff that happened to you in the past year and you need a break.”

3- Think Happy
Optimism is contagious, don’t complain.

4- Don’t get stuck on any one person
When all the boxes check it can feel like she’s the one and get stuck thinking I hope she emails me back. Then keep checking. And checking. And lose interest in messaging others. Don’t do that.

Yes, this first email intro is sort of like a test. Women know it’s hard, it’s a pain in the ass, in many ways it’s like playing a pinball game. At first it’s hit or miss, then it’s almost predictable. Eventually you know the ball will keep rolling and you’ll have fun going with the flow.

For some more online dating tips, check out my article Dating Profile Tips – Gain an Edge Using Science.  ​




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