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Dating sites are not for the lazy: you get what you put in. It takes time, and effort but following a few steps will dramatically increase your chances of getting noticed. Dating sites use algorithms to place you in the lineup, and especially applies if you’re on swiping sites. These tips will help improve your profile on all dating sites and will make yours stand out among the many who don’t bother to spend a little extra time.

Some Stats:

There were 21,575,000 on Match Group dating sites in 2019, according to Best Company, and that was pre-pandemic. 

  • 49 percent of dating app users stated that they used these services to look for an exclusive romantic relationship
  • 23 percent of respondents listed sexual encounters as their goal
  • 77 percent had gone on a date with someone they met online
    According to Statistica

Tinder registers 1.6 billion left and right swipes every day and 30 million matches each day, says Dating Zest

However, there is a 72 percent male to 28 percent female ratio 

Score of Desirability

Dating apps work through an algorithm called the Score of Desirability which places your profile in the lineup others see when swiping and suggests compatible matches.

dating app algorithms

The rules?

It’s hard to say exactly what goes on with AI algorithms, but following these suggestions will increase your ranking:

√ Don’t Like Everyone – swiping right all the time will backfire on you. You’re liking bots and profiles often ranked low. Like attracts Like – make sure you’re swiping generally within your limits, aiming high is fine, aiming lower all the time, is not.

√ Engage – apps aim to connect people. if you’re not initiating conversations and not following up on conversations then you’re going to start dropping rank. Start the conversation and keep the conversation going.

√ Fully Complete Your Profile 100% – an easy way to increase your ranking, if you don’t want to share all you info, like political beliefs or income, make up something witty.

√ Spend time daily  – AI prioritizes potential matches who are active, and who are active at the same time. They won’t waste your time showing you profiles of inactive members, plus they rank members together that are online at the same time in the same geographic area, according to the Tinder PressRoom. 

Furthermore, it incorporates elements of their former Elo rating system, where your ranking increased based on how many people swiped right on you, and the more right swipes that person had, the more it meant for your score.

All that updates every 24 hours, so the more often you’re checking in and swiping, the greater your ranking grows.

Some more Tinder tips 

  • Mondays, 6-9 pm is the time you can get most matches on Tinder
  • Around a quarter of daily Tinder usage happens between 7-8 PM
  • the time users spend on the app amounts to 90 minutes a day


  • Suddenly seem invisible? You’ve basically been rendered invisible
    • Why? You were too swipe-right happy
    • You copy and pasted the same exact message too many times
    • You broke rules – for doing all the things Tinder told you not to
    • You ghosted people
    • FIX THIS BY DELETING YOUR ACCOUNT then follow this guide on Dating Zest 

dating app algorithms


What does all this mean to you?

It’s not impossible to make dating apps work for you, you don’t have to pick winning lottery numbers or hit the jackpot,  it’s entirely feasible to meet someone online and form a substantial connection. It might feel like playing the game for a while as you adjust to dating app etiquette but if you persevere it will likely pay off. If you need some ideas check out my article, Increase your chances she’ll open your email. 




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