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Get ready to go on an immersive journey of self-exploration, with me.

A dream is likely to remain a dream unless it is backed up with a solid plan.

Together we’ll examine what really matters in your life, accounting for your goals, values, vision, fears, and limiting beliefs, then we’ll flip them around to get you where you want to go.

You & Me

When you seek change of monumental importance you find support: to bolster your impact, to back up your decision, for a second opinion, to motivate you, encourage you, help you see beyond your circle of influence. Behind every great success story, every Fortune 500 company, every great person, there is a backstory and a team. We all have to take our first steps to get there, and that’s where I come in. 

I strongly believe relationships are one of the most impactful aspects of our lives. A great relationship can enhance our lives beyond what we ever imagined possible. A bad one has just as much power to take us down. I am here to help you go places you never thought you could be. As a coach, I am passionate about helping people create the most fulfilling life possible, in their relationship and with themselves. Any unhappiness or unfulfillment in life can be changed by making adjustments. We all have the potential to become our best possible and we all have the capacity for a partnership that enhances us more than we imagine. 

 If you feel stuck in your relationship situation, are searching for more impactful ways to date, moving into commitment, or seeking changes in your current partnership, I can help you get there. Together we’ll examine where you are, where you want to be, and determine the actions you need to take step-by-step to get there.

With any relationship or partnership, there are great connections, okay ones, and others that just don’t vibe. It’s important to find a coach that you connect with. When it comes to a coach or therapist, do your homework. Spend time reading their thoughts and approach, on their website, social media, in articles, and interviews.  If they inspire you, motivate you, intrigue you, and resonate with you, you will know. 

If you’re ready to honestly examine your current situation, if you’re looking for something more than where you are, and if you’re ready to face your fears, confidence and lack of drive, then I will put in the time with you. I’m not an ideal fit for everyone and prefer to work with those who can benefit from my insight. If you think we might be a good fit, then my questionnaire may help further our confidence in working together.

My primary focus is to facilitate exploration of your ‘self’ within your relationship to attain a more fulfilling partnership. 

Some coaches follow a traditional path and advocate for a committed marriage while others support open relationships. I don’t adhere to one belief over another and I don’t believe there is a key solution for everyone. Each relationship is a unique situation and should be approached as such. I strongly believe each individual and couple knows their relationship best and I am here to offer a safe space to explore ideas and to facilitate the process. 

Some coaches come from, and rely on, therapist-based techniques, I do not. I use some exercises that incorporate science-based research, but my approach is more organic and fluid based on insight from my years as a social worker, a graduate student in gender studies, and decades in sex work. I do not offer therapy. 

Many coaches offer single coaching sessions based on the issue you want to address. My approach is program-based and presented as an all-in-one curriculum supplemented with weekly one-on-one live coaching sessions. My lesson plans will take you on a journey from one area in your life into the next phase.


A coach is a partner and guide in helping people attain better relationship with themselves and their partner. A coach helps individuals, and couples dig beneath the surface to get to know their values and goals better and decide what matters most to them. Clarifying one’s needs and requirements help tremendously when searching for, and adjusting to, life with a partner. 

Relationship coaching works from the premise that life is a process of discovering goals and individual values and applying those to a partnership. Misalignment between our values and life results in stress and conflict. It’s not an unsupportive partner making us unhappy, unhappiness happens when our values are ignored or neglected. A coach helps with identifying internal challenges in achieving the ultimate potential within a partnership to live a more fulfilling life.

Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their life, who wants to be more successful, understand obstacles and close the gap between dreams and reality. Anyone can change, by identifying goals step-by-step they can then work on becoming the person they want. A coach can help you get to know yourself better so that you can live more in the present, challenge you to grow and be more motivated. Relationships have a profound impact on our happiness and approach to life. They impact us daily. A coach will help you determine what it is you envision in life and relationships, so you are able to better find and communicate with people who are most impactful to you.

A coach can help identify obstacles and blockages that are preventing you from achieving what you want in life. We’ll look at where you currently are (in life and relationships) and then create a plan for you to get where you want to go. A coach will empower you with insights to make those changes, then provide the structure, guidance, support and motivation to reach your full potential.

Life coaching is not therapy. 

A therapist, also known as a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist, is a licensed mental health professional. Therapy is a long-term process that uses clinical processes to understand, diagnose, and guide the client into understanding the reasons behind their actions: sometimes it may be trauma, a chemical imbalance, or ongoing behaviors that continue due to outside circumstances. Therapists focus on insight and resolution of emotional issues and works off the premise of past decisions to help you uncover reasons to understand why you’re here.

Coaching does not dig too deep into the past, and instead focuses on the present moving forward. The goal is action and change. A coach is a good choice if you’re feeling stuck or burned out. Coaching works from the premise that an individual is the expert in their life, is fully capable of achieving their goals and focuses on supporting them in the journey. A coach will look at your current behaviors and limiting beliefs, help you determine your goals, then built a road map for you to get there.

There is a distinct difference between coaching and consulting and many coaches adhere to the policy of refraining from consulting. I adhere to both coaching and consulting. Consulting typically provides advice and solutions, aka opinions, based on years in the field. I believe that when a client hires me for advice and support, it may be conducive to their growth for me to share insight based on my experience. I feel it’s in everyone’s best interest to exchange thoughts during a session and to refrain is doing my clients a disservice.

If your goal is to take action, if your desire is to go from being single into a relationship, if you’re newly committed or thinking of becoming committed and want to take your relationship to the next level with insights that give you an advantage of making it successful, if you want to add something back into your marriage, then a coach is likely a good choice for you. 

However, if you want to understand the reasons you’re feeling the way you do or understand why you have hang-ups or obstacles to working toward your goals, then a therapist might be a better choice. Therapists can help partners work through disconnect, past issues, anger and pain, and act as a buffer to understanding roles and responsibilities. A coach on the other hand respects the belief that couples are already experts at their own relationship, and provides them with tools to change, adjust, and achieve the partnership they want.

My Coaching Programs

Many people arrive at a point in life seeking insight on a situation and an established plan to help them get from Point-A to Point-B. My programs offer specialized services to help solve specific needs, whether that is from the perspective of being single, pre-committed, or partnered. With progressive lessons of self-exploration coupled with insight and guidance, my programs work like a one-stop-shop to help you achieve your best life and best relationship possible.

I follow the path that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself and building a solid foundation begins there and moves outward. I do not judge a relationship as right or wrong, good or bad, my aim is to help you understand and approach relationships in a way that is most conducive to your happiness and well-being. Together we will explore your beliefs to help you see outside the box to determine what behaviors and attitudes assist you in reaching your goals, and which one’s sabotage. As a coach, I share knowledge, experience and information without attachment. I believe all relationships are a journey and not a destination. I also believe that no matter which direction or fork in the road we took yesterday, we always have the option to make a different choice today, and another tomorrow.

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